For thirty years Gerry LaFemina has written and perfromed in the alternative music scene, starting in the 1980s in the Lower East Side playing harcore and punk, through being part of the midwest ska revival, to adult punk rock today.  
​Expletive Deleted
State Trooper
Left wing punks from the Lower East Side
With their first demos being produced by legendary Jazz pianist Keith Jarrett, Expletive Deleted started as New York thrashers and started their playing days opening for Suicidal Tendencies at CBGB....
Prep School
Tom Collins and the Cocktail Shakers
Rust Belt Ska from the Third Wave
1 Part punk, 1 part jazz, 1 part blues, 1 part funk, 3 parts two-tone era ska. Shake well. That's the recipe for the high energy antics of Tom Collins & the Cocktail Shakers who played with various ska and reggae superstars throughout the Great Lakes region.
Cereal Box

Punk rocking it old school
Named after the line by the Clash, "Let fury have the hour," this Mountain Maryland punk band wore its 70s and 80s punk roots with a furor.
Catholic Boy
Today and tomorrow
This current four-piece features Gerry joined by lead guitarist Robin Summerfield,  bassist Greg Wood, and drummer Greg Kerr bringing a rocking and raucous set of straight ahead, dirty punk rock n roll.